Optimizing Operations in Corrections

using state-of-the-art advanced analytics

Optamo LLC is a software development and consulting firm, specializing in the enhancement of business processes in correctional systems. Optamo is the leading company in developing software that optimizes daily operations of correctional institutes. Our solutions and services enable the correctional systems to analyze, streamline and optimize their procedures.

The Optamo team has developed the first of its kind, Inmate Assignment Decision Support System (IADSS). IADSS is a revolutionary web-based decision support system which enables a correctional system to simultaneously assign inmates to correctional institutions and schedule their treatment programs while considering all business rules and policy regulations. The state-of-the-art advanced analytics behind IADSS enables a correctional agency to consider multitude of factors affecting the assignment of inmates and scheduling their rehabilitation program.

IADSS is a productivity enhancement system which enables a correctional system to:
– minimize operational costs
– improve security
– curb recidivism
– improve social justice
Рreduce inmate population

IADSS is implemented in Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) and has been used for the daily assignment of the inmates since September 2016. The realized quantified saving of using IADSS at the PADOC is nearly $3,000,000 annually and the projected saving over the next five years is over $19,000,000. More information can be found in the following video:

Inmate Assignment Decision Support System (IADSS) testimonials from Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Office of Population Management Director William Nickalow and Secretary John Wetzel